3 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Image while Working from your Home

By Randall Orser | Small Business

würfel cube tips 3DFirst impressions are one of the most critical aspects of a good relationship with any client. A professional image can make or break a sale is a matter of moments. Too many work-at-home entrepreneurs allow their professional image to slip, leaving them vulnerable to many missed opportunities. This article will address three tips that will help anyone keep their professional image … well, professional.

Dress for Success

While most clients never see a work at home entrepreneur, it is important that the work at home entrepreneur dresses successfully. Dressing for success empowers them and helps them to feel more confident in their abilities. Dressing for success helps them to focus in on their responsibilities.

Secondly, if a work at home an entrepreneur has to make an impromptu visit to a client, they really should not show up in their pajamas. It can be very tempting for them to hang out in their “loungewear”, but it is important for them to remember that they are only as professional as they look and feel.

Separate Personal Space from Office Space

It is extremely difficult for any work at home entrepreneur to separate their personal life from their working life, but it has to happen, even if they have children. If they want their clients to see them as a business partner and not just some fly-by-night company, it is important that their children are not lingering around while they are on the phone, or a client is visiting.

Sometimes a work at home entrepreneur will have clients that want to visit. This is not a problem, so they should not get worked into a tizzy. However, they should make sure that the clients’ visit is enjoyable. If their clients have to navigate through the house, the entrepreneur should make sure that the pathway to the office is very short and clean. They do not want their client walking through the laundry room, past the bathroom, the living room and then the office.

Keep the Office Clutter Free

One mistake that a lot of work-at-home entrepreneurs fall into is allowing the children to play in their office area. It is important that they keep the office as clutter free as possible. Therefore, they should make sure that they do not have a lot of toys in their office. While they are their children (their pride and joy), this is their livelihood. Remember, it is more important to entertain the clients and not their children.

Ultimately, their professional image can be tarnished in a matter of seconds. A client can decide whether they want to sign a contract with them for $100,000.00 in a split second. They should not let that split second be negatively swayed because your their office is a mess.

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