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I was fortunate enough to know while I was still in high school that I had a strong desire to work with numbers.

Becoming my own small business owner happened in the late 1990s after working in various industries and realizing that my passion to help unlock the secrets in books extended to my entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Over time I came to the realization that most small business owners are driven by their desire to pursue their own vision of what they are passionate about and that keeping books is indeed not a normal part of that process for them.

My success lies in empowering my clients, small and home-based business owners, to make the right financial decisions to move their business forward by allowing them to focus on growing their business and reaching their goals. 

Randall Orser

Number Crunchers® Financial Services

We take bookkeeping seriously, no questions asked. But, we also maintain a casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere with a “can do” attitude. To help you grow your business, you need to know the financial part of your business is in good hands.

We want you to be:

Focused on your business
Run your business full-time
Have fun with and in your business

Number Crunchers helps you relieve your paperwork nightmare by offering different levels of service suited best to your individual needs through our unique Just Say “Stuff It" To Bookkeeping and Just Say: “Stuff It" To Taxes systems.

When you no longer have to do your own bookkeeping, you have more time for your business. Our clients have told us the following benefits have happened in their business, when they’ve switched to our mobile accounting services:

More sales: – There is time to concentrate on current customers and acquire new customers.
Save time: – There is more time to focus on marketing, sales or new projects.
Manage cash flow: – With timely invoicing and aging reports, collecting receipts is faster and payables are under control.
Stay ahead of the government: – Know HST/GST/PST/WCB returns, and source deductions, are filed and paid on time.
Save money at year end: – At year end, the accountant has all the information needed to compile income taxes quickly.
Peace of mind: – Have less stress knowing paperwork is completed properly, and current.

People say they love working with Number Crunchers® because we're able to understand what's going on in their business and they're having fun. We work by a set of core beliefs because we know the difference between good and bad bookkeeping. We believe small business is the backbone of the Canadian economy. To help you grow your business, you need to know the financial part of your business is in good hands.With Number Crunchers® Financial Services we pledge you’ll receive the following in everything we do for you.

Trust. We build the foundation so you don’t have to worry about your books.

What makes us tick

Accuracy: We ensure all information provided is as accurate as possible for you to run your business.

Honesty: We will advise you when things don’t appear to be correct. We’re human too. If we make a mistake, we’ll let you know.

Humour: We make bookkeeping enjoyable so you feel more relaxed and less stressed about your books.

Calmness: You gain peace of mind knowing your books are up-to-date and taxes are filed on time.

Order: We help you become more organized so you have more control over your business and your life.

Dependability: We provide you with the services you can count on when you need them.

Knowledge: We’re committed to remain up-to-date on the software, rules and regulations within the industry

Creativity: We deal with software, bookkeeping issues and with Canada Revenue Agency or other relevant government body.

Integrity: Your books will be completed right, the first time – guaranteed.

Trust: We build the foundation so you don’t have to worry about your books