Buying an Airline Ticket Online? Look Out For These Scams

By Randall Orser | Personal Finances

We all get excited when we think we have scored a deal especially when it comes to cheap airline tickets.  However, it pays to be cautious when buying online as airline ticket scams are fairly common and those thinking they have got a great deal can soon find out that they have been conned.  When you find a deal, research the company offering it.  Check out review sites and online forums to look for complaints and warnings about scams. 

The best way to protect yourself is to make friends with a travel agent and let them advise you when there are air travel deals to be had.  Buying tickets through a licensed travel agent is always the safest way to go so that you are covered under the Consumer Protection rules and regulations in effect in your province.

If you are buying tickets online, as well as booking on a registered travel agency website here are some tips to follow to avoid scams.

1.  Make sure that you are fully informed before you press submit:  Read the fine print to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting.  Double check dates, times, connections, seat allocation and luggage allowances.  

2.  Watch out for Phishing Scams: It is easy to be lured in by sites offering lower prices for the same flights offered on other sites.  Once you click accept to make a purchase, they collect all your credit card data then tell you that your payment was declined.  They may then ask you to wire payment which results in your money being stolen and your credit card being compromised.

3.  Be Sure that the Airline or Hotel has a Record of Your Booking:  Before you set out on your trip make sure that you check with the airline and the hotel directly to make sure that you have a legitimate booking.

4.  Watch out for the airline ticket credit scam:  Airline tickets are bought with stolen credit cards by scam artists who then cancel the tickets and get a credit and confirmation number.  They then offer the ticket credit for sale online at a discounted price saying that they are unable to take the flight.  You will be asked to wire money to pay for the flight and when you try to use the credit with the airline you will not be allowed to as it was bought with a stolen credit card.  

5.  Make sure you read the refund or exchange policy on your airline tickets:  Make sure that your ticket allows for you to make changes or to cancel your trip, otherwise you will be paying fees to make changes.

6.  Make sure that you are aware of flight time changes:  Sometimes on-line booking sites save money by putting passengers on cheaper flights without warning them beforehand of the time changes.  These changes can affect the remainder of your journey causing missed connections. Make sure that you check directly with the airline for any flight or time changes or cancellations at least 24 hours before departure and ask them to notify you of any changes to your booking.

7.  Make sure that you know what currency is being used on the website:  It is easy for Canadians to think that they are paying in Canadian dollars when they are actually paying in US dollars which is a big price difference.   Make sure that you know if you can be charged more if the exchange rate changes.  Try and get a fixed price that is not affected by changes in the exchange rate.

From an article by The Travel Industry Council of Ontario


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