Six Ways to Celebrate the Season During the Pandemic

By Randall Orser | holiday season

After the year that we have had in 2020 many of us would love to travel to visit friends and relatives or just have a getaway, but unfortunately we still cannot do that.  However if you are still looking to add some sparkle to the season here are a few ideas for you.

1. Visit your local mountains to ski and snowboard.  At the time of writing we are still allowed to visit our local ski hills as long as we stay within our bubble.  The Canadian Ski industry has a set of guidelines called  Ski Well Be Well.  All skiers and snowboarders are expected to wear a mask at all times indoors and outdoors unless eating or drinking.  All skiers should go online before leaving home to book tickets check parking restrictions.

2. Take a walk or ski in the park.  We are very lucky to have a number of parks and lakes in the Greater Vancouver area where we can go for the day to hike and get lots of fresh air.  Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the great outdoors.

3. Stay and Play at home, find activities that you can enjoy without leaving your own backyard.  For example cycle enthusiasts can take up indoor cycling by either setting up their regular bike on a trainer or investing in a smart bike designed for indoor use.   If you have a backyard, think about having a fire pit and get the family together to roast marshmallows.  If you prefer to stay inside there are lots of board games the family can play together, and of course you can always binge on Netflix and other streaming services and rediscover all those Christmas movies.  

4. Many people have discovered their inner chef or baker and the enjoyment to be found in a home cooked meal with all the family together.  Get your kids away from the tv and video games and have a family baking session.  Many kids love learning to make things such as cookies and cake pops and eat them later.  

5.  Make trimming the tree a special occasion.  Involve all the family in setting up inside and outside lights, decorating the house and trimming the tree.  Finish the day with hot chocolate and other Christmas treats.  You could also take a walk around your neighbourhood and enjoy all the  festive lights.   

6. Think about how you can help those less fortunate during the holiday season.  Look online for volunteer opportunities in your area and encourage your kids to participate. 

Whatever you decide to do you are sure to have fun, and who knows maybe you will start some new family traditions.

From an article by Margaret Craig-Bourdin


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