Customer Loyalty Holds the Keys to Brand Loyalty

By Randall Orser | Small Business


Customer LoyaltyNo company can increase brand loyalty without first increasing its customers’ loyalty. After all, how long will any customer remain loyal to a brand if they feel the company doesn’t provide a competent level of service, or worse, doesn’t appreciate their business? The best enterprises understand that an excellent product line is nothing if not for excellent service. Ultimately, your company’s brand loyalty starts with creating loyal customers, ones who see your company as the market’s best solutions provider.

Your Brand, Your Customers and Your Success

Very rarely will customers stay loyal to a brand if there are other comparable solutions, ones where the service levels are substantially better, and ones where the companies offering those brands appear to appreciate customers more. Ultimately, it’s a question of perception and one where your company must appear as a market innovator that’s willing to show its appreciation for the customers who purchase its product. Therefore, the following five tips are meant to build a loyal customer base that will help build your brand in your market.

Finding Brand Champions

What exactly is a brand champion? In order to answer this question, think of the power of customer endorsements. Think of what those endorsements would mean coming from your market’s biggest and most influential customers. Finally, think of how today’s customer relies upon the input of likeminded individuals, ones who share their appreciation for product excellence and ones who rely upon the endorsements of friends and colleagues. The best way to get your product out into your market is to make sure you’ve identified customers who’ll champion your product. Find your brand champions and use their endorsements to build your brand.

Rewards and Incentives

We’ve all heard the saying that a loyal customer is a repeat customer. In this case, the surest way to ensure that your customers see your company as their primary choice is to reward them for their loyalty. The best run enterprises back up their product lines with customer incentives and reward programs, ones that allow customers to accrue discounts towards future purchases. In the end, it’s the company that backs up its appreciation with customer incentives that becomes the market’s primary source.

Service, Service, Service

No company can have brand loyalty without excellence in customer service. In fact, it’s often a company’s service levels that distinguish it from its competition. After all, when two companies have comparable product offerings, it’s the company with the superior customer service that wins the day. In this case, it’s about supporting that product offering in ways that distinguish your company’s brand. If your company wants to be perceived as a market innovator, then it must start with an upgrade in its service competencies.

Using Market Knowledge and Knowhow

Why is it that the best enterprises just know what their customers want and when? More importantly, why do some companies excel at dominating their market than others? Well, in almost every instance, those companies that are seen as market innovators are ones who have an innate understanding of their market. In this case, your company must use its market knowledge and business knowhow to become market experts, ones whose entire business development team knows the inner workings of your industry. This means knowing your competitors, your suppliers, and your market influencers, as well as you do your customers.

Using Your Customers’ Viewpoints

Ultimately, it isn’t your company that defines its brand. It doesn’t come down to your marketing, sales and business development team dictating why and how that brand should be appreciated. Instead, it all comes down to your customers. They alone are the ones who will define your company, its products, its services and ultimately, its brand. The best companies understand that it’s their customers that help them build their brand. This is why so many of today’s enterprises focus on gathering customer feedback. The solution is simple: Listen to what your customers say about your brand and take their input to heart. In the end, it’s nothing more than a continuous process, one where your company’s brand is improved because of the feedback you get from your customers.

At the end of the day, a customer who remains loyal to your brand is one that started off being loyal to your company. It’s the reality of operating a business in today’s marketplace, one where companies are all trying to find that magic elixir, that one single approach that will catapult them to the front of the line. Unfortunately, building a company’s brand is never quite that simple. In the end, it comes down to building a loyal customer base and relying upon them as a source of constantly updating information about how to improve your products, your services and ultimately, your brand.

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