Explore the Benefits of Information Technology in the Business World

By Randall Orser | Small Business

Technology in the handsAdvances in computer technology have made it possible for businesses to be more productive, and to get more done with fewer resources. Investing in a high-performance information technology system can provide businesses across the spectrum with a variety of important benefits, including better sharing of information, more informed decision-making and greater productivity.

Better Information Sharing

Access to information is vital for all employees, from the clerks in the mailroom to the executives in the corner offices. Information technology allows all workers, no matter where they are physically located, to share information via email, instant messaging and remote communication. This allows users to collaborate on various projects, even if those employees are located in offices scattered around the world.

Lower Costs

Information technology makes it easy for employees to connect to their work computers from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection. That remote connection capability allows workers to get work done over the weekend, and to even work from home full-time. Allowing employees to telecommute can result in lower costs for the business, since less office space is needed and there is less equipment to buy and maintain.

Greater Productivity

With the advancement of information technology, many businesses are able to get more done with fewer resources and fewer workers. Automated processes have eliminated a large portion of redundant and time-consuming tasks, such as the manual input of data. This frees workers to perform other tasks, thereby reducing the number of staff members needed to accomplish a given goal.

Improved Quality

Implementing an effective information technology system can help businesses of all kinds improve quality and enhance customer service. Several pilot projects underway in the health care arena provide evidence regarding the quality boost IT can provide. A recent report by the General Accounting Office quantified both the cost savings and quality improvements stemming from the adoption of information technology in health care settings, including fewer medical errors and a better quality of care for patients. An example of quality improvements derived from innovative electronic processes included a health insurer that improved its clinical care results through automated health screening reminders.

The benefits outlined above can all accrue from advances in computer technology and information technology procedures. By implementing the latest in IT technology into your business, your firm can enjoy a number of important benefits. No matter what line of business you are in, you and your firm can learn from the examples given above and help your company survive, and thrive, in the information age.

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