Find the Best Talent for Your Business

By Randall Orser | Consulting

The 21stcentury economy is constantly evolving at unheard-of rates, and it’s getting harder and harder to find employees with the necessary skills for your business. As an employer are you finding it a struggle to find the right employees to stay competitive? The tried and true solution of old for finding new employees through traditional educational programs isn’t working as well either, because modern business is progressing so fast that many things learned in the classroom are either irrelevant or outdated by the time a student gets a degree. Businesses must get more innovative in their search for new employees in order to overcome those challenges. If you’re looking for new talent in this modern job market, here are some tips that may help.

Formal Education

For a long time, prevailing thought was that a relevant degree was the mark of a potentially able and valuable employee. There is still some truth to this, but a degree shouldn’t be the final word on whether that potential employee is a suitable fit. Many workers today are bypassing the traditional educational system by teaching themselves skills via online learning. Just because they don’t have the traditional degree doesn’t mean they aren’t as good or better than other prospects who do have degrees in their field. You should be placing your emphasis more on skills over degrees to avoid overlooking good talent.


Freelancer workers have been increasing their presence over the past few years, and economically are a great development. Freelancers aren’t someone who’s going to come work for you directly, but they can become a valuable resource because of the real-world experience in their fields. The workers of the future will be freelancers, so you don’t want to pass over them simply because of an outdated mindset of having traditional employees.

Build a Virtual Team

Thanks to technology many businesses carry on their operations without the need for all employees to be in one location. As an employer, you have a big opportunity to hire people from anywhere in the world, not just where your business is situated. The virtual space does take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to a more traditional way of doing business, but the benefits are vast. If you find someone whose talent fits your business well and is prepared to work remotely, don’t squander the chance to bring on this person just due to geographic separation.

Training Resources

Once a new employee has been brought on, the problems that were there that made it difficult to find that new employee with pertinent skills are still there afterwards. It’s more important than ever to play an active role in keeping the skills of your employees up-to-date. You need to develop practical training resources for employees that protect you from that skills gap re-emerging later on in your business. You may be thinking I’m a small business and don’t have the funds or time to develop such resources, however, there are online learning courses, and many are probably provided by your suppliers, that can keep your employees advancing.

The disparity between the skills you need or want, and those of future employees, just seems to grow bigger as the years go by. However, with the above strategies, you, as a modern business, can mostly sidestep the skills gap by adapting to how the modern job market works. And remember to offer your top performers generous incentives so they’ll stay, before you realize that their talent is also wanted by your competitors.


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