Is it Time to Clean up Your Annoying Marketing?

By Randall Orser | Small Business

You shouldn’t be annoying your customers with your marketing, but instead creating and curating value in the life of your customers. It will take and effort to build relationships with your customers to where they’ll trust and value your opinions. The following are some of the ways you’ll break your potential customer’s trust and annoy them.

Avoid Minor Injustices

Our first offender for annoying marketing is norm violations or minor injustices. These usually aren’t intentional, but somehow, they violate standards your customers value. For example, you invite IT technicians to a convention where WIFI is not easily available, or any form of internet connection during the convention. No matter how well the convention goes, or the other advantages encountered, they’ll remember being annoyed and frustrated with no WIFI. Your oversight in picking this venue may not have been intended, however, the gist of the meeting may probably boost their expectations.

We rely on technology a lot nowadays, so your customers are predisposed to frustration when you can’t meet their expectations around it. What are your customers standards and expectations being accustomed to? Knowing this can reduce negative reviews.

Crappy Website

Your customer today is looking for instant gratification, and not easy to please. Online shoppers expect your website to load instantly. As soon as your website doesn’t meet their expectations, in mere seconds now, they’re off your page and onto the next. An unwieldy checkout system can also increase the likelihood of cart abandonment. You need to design your website for easy navigation as anything less will end up in a mass exodus to your competitors.

With the popularity of smartphones and tables at an all-time high, your website should be optimized to tap into this huge audience of internet users. Your website should be compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices, in which case you’re best to hire a skilled website developer. Complete your contacts page, and don’t obscure or conceal them as it will make it hard to get feedback from your customers.

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

It’s much simpler now to communicate with your customers thanks to technology. If there’s a problem that you can’t solve immediately, then keep your customers informed. They’ll soon understand that you’re working hard to fix their issue, which makes them feel valued and respected. Unexpected events may end up causing longer wait times, so keep your customers up-to-date via text, which shows you care. Once the issue has been resolved follow up and your customers will look upon your brand as trustworthy.

If you are getting negative feedback, it’s a much better approach to be proactive as that’s in the best interest of your customer. Do your best to solve the problem straightaway, and if you must give them a refund or replacement. Keep track of any feedback and then adjust your offering to continually improve your business. Sadly, one bad review often outweighs a dozen positive ones.


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