It’s Now All About the Cloud

By Randall Orser | Small Business

When we talk about the cloud all we’re really talking about is someone else’s server. Your data is stored somewhere else rather than on computers right in your office. Of course, this also includes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which is software (usually in the cloud) for which you pay a monthly fee and are always on the most current version; rather than the old way of buying software for thousands of dollars, installing it on your computer then having to deal with IT issues as they come about. Plus, then buying the software again when a new version comes out.

The beauty of SaaS is it can also help you with the profitability of your business and should be the number one priority. SaaS startups offer a whole slew of things from mobile productivity tools to artificial intelligence (AI) marketing, and, of course, cloud-based accounting. By implementing SaaS technology into your businesses MO you’re prepared for future growth while maximizing your profit margins. If this is your year for growing your business full tilt, then these tips for choosing SaaS will help.

Fiscally Responsible

Your bottom line is important and using SaaS is a good way to start. Most companies offering SaaS have fair pricing options, many provide a free trial. Why buy bloated software packages when you don’t need to, and SaaS can be customized to your company’s particular needs. Pick a subscription package that will best work for your growing company.

Latest Technology

The beauty of SaaS is that you are always on the latest technology. Whenever your provider upgrades the software, you get access to the newest version right away. SaaS businesses usually do their best to keep you as a happy customer as that’s cheaper than trying to find new ones. From AI algorithms to machine learning capabilities, today’s SaaS companies are incorporating a myriad of powerful APIs into their software.

Lower IT Costs

SaaS tools are a great way to significantly lower your IT costs. Yes, you’re paying a monthly or yearly fee all the time, but that fee is generally much lower than the cost of managing your own servers or installing IT hardware at your business. Lower IT costs + immediate access to newer technologies = a winning way to build a prosperous business.

Easy Upgrades

The great thing about SaaS is that you get the latest tech, and upgrades as they come out or as you may need them. You can start out with the free version or basic package and upgrade as your company grows. Most SaaS businesses offer enterprise-level upgrades to tweak; you can tweak your software subscriptions as the profitability of your business grows.

The days of buying software on CDs, or downloading it, are long gone. The business owner of today is savvy and going with cloud-based SaaS. Are you ready to double-down on your intelligent business building this year?


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