Make Your Home Office More Efficient with these Six Strategies

By Randall Orser | Small Business

As a business owner, or a telecommuting employee, the design of your home office plays a major role in your productivity. Having a well-organized home office design helps you be more productive as well as more profitable, and accessories are a good place to begin.

Boost your productivity? Have a more successful operation? Picking the right accessories can make a huge difference in your world. These are the six must-have accessories for your home office productivity.

Wireless Printer

With most home offices, space is at a premium, so a big bulky printer can use up precious real estate. A wireless printer, on the other hand, means you can print from anywhere, and frees you up to place it wherever you have space. Maybe on a bookcase shelf, an unused corner, or in the closet on a shelf so it’s out of the way. You can make your life easier and more productive by switching to a wireless printer.

VoIP Phone System

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, technology has immensely improved over the years as has the equipment. VoIP is just as reliable, and much more flexible, than traditional phone systems. Generally, at a much lower cost than traditional phone systems. The beauty of VoIP is that you can have a number for most areas of the world, and answer it at your home office. Do you do business in Arizona? You can have an Arizona number that you answer in your home office in Vancouver. Even if you move across the country, you can keep your local number, and take the phone system with you. The downfall to VoIP is that you need a broadband internet connection, and one that is reliable with very little down time.

Number Crunchers® uses a VoIP system from RingCentral, which works very well, is reliable, and has only been down when the internet is down.

Wireless Headset

Getting a wireless headset allows you the freedom to move around while you chat with clients, prospects, suppliers, etc. There’s two types of wireless, USB wireless (you put a dongle in your computer that connects to the headset), and Bluetooth®. Bluetooth technology has grown and become much better than it was just a couple of years ago. You can use your computer to call out, rather than get an actual phone.

You’re no longer chained to your desk. You can search for files you need, pick up papers from your printer (which you placed in the closet), or even check on the family, all without dropping the call or putting them on hold. Though if you’re dealing with screaming kids, you may want to put them on hold.


One of the most valuable tools for you home office will be a scanner, and you will wonder what you did before without one. A scanner basically allows you to create electronic copies of your paperwork, and then share them with customers, etc. wherever they may be. There are programs, and services, that allow you to send documents to get filled out and/or signed by someone without ever leaving your comfy home office. A full-sized scanner is best, or a multi-function printer/scanner/copier is an even better option. Which type of scanner all depends on the size of your home office. If its too small for the latter options, then a handheld one will work too.

Videoconferencing System

Skype, Facetime, etc. are handy tools; however there comes a time when you need something more professional. A standalone videoconferencing system gives your home office a more polished and professional look, whether it’s connecting with your biggest customer or trying to complete a major deal. Can you afford such a system? There are some inexpensive systems out there, and may be more affordable than you think. Your VoIP system may already come with a videoconferencing option, or as an inexpensive add-on. I know RingCentral has such an option for up to 50 people at a time. If you need more you may want to look at Zoom, or similar service.

Wireless Router

Think of the wireless router as your home office hub. Most of the items above (printer, scanner, VoIP system) can be hooked to the router and easily shared; this includes your computer or laptop, tablet or phone. All your tech can be connected to this office hub making you much more productive, and your life a whole lot easier.

While it can be your dream to work from home, it can be difficult to remain focused and productive when you have any disruptions. The six accessories above can get you on the road to being more productive, and, hopefully, get more done.


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