Your Marketing Budget Needs to Include Content Marketing

By Randall Orser | Budget

Managing a budget is probably the biggest issue that any business faces. Spend too little, and get nowhere. Spend too much and you may go bankrupt before building up a steady income. As a small business, you need to accommodate content marketing into this delicate balance act you call a budget.

Content Promotes Engagement

It’s pretty hard to talk back to a sale, however, interacting with a great article is much easier. Today’s internet is all about creating a community, and if your site is all about prices and sales, that doesn’t really encourage engagement or return business.

That’s not all though. Your content can help with interaction with industry leaders as it gives you something to talk about with them. By doing this, you increase your network and boost your reputation, following which makes your content marketing more powerful.

Affordability Compared to Other Forms of Marketing

Content marketing is much less expensive than say print or television marketing, and that’s good news for the small business. Even if you’re not making the content in-house, you’ll still save a lot as most of your expenses will be social media marketing costs. If you have an established page or website, you may not even have to spend that much.

Branding Through Great Content

Astute marketers believe that content marketing is like releasing business cards into the wild. Each video, article, or post that you put out there with your brand has a direct impression on how you and your business are recognized. Your content has to be of a consistent quality, and distributed consistently, for you to improve your brand.

As a small business, you can benefit from this. Getting noticed and respected in your industry is one of the most difficult tasks. Having well-researched and readable content can definitely help you get your foot in the door.

Lead Generation and Sales

The issue with advertising is that today’s modern customer is that they’re extremely aware when you try to just sell to them. Most consumers today just tune out your advertisement, except if they’re ready for your offering. Content marketing approaches the problem on two levels. First, a strong video or article can bring about the likelihood of your advertisement working. Second, it can replace your need for an advertisement by developing leads and sales on its own.

Content Marketing is Huge for Site Traffic

Creating your website is fairly easy. You can pay someone to do it for you (probably the better choice), with you focusing on setting guidelines. The hard part is getting people to your site. Even with great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you may find it hard to get traffic.

This is where content marketing can help by giving viewers another opportunity to find your site. It’s not just search engine traffic, content allows your users a chance to discover you on YouTube or whatever social media site you share on. Actually, using Facebook Ads to share your content through targeted ads can gain you clicks by virtue of making users feel the content was created for them.

Are you ready to embrace content marketing? Are you wondering how it can improve your standing? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by setting aside some money in your budget for content marketing. You’ll want to get into it soon, before everyone else finds out just how valuable it can be.


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