How to Organize Your Workplace

By Randall Orser | Small Business

organized workplace

As the new year approaches, it is a good time to think about your workplace and how it’s organized. A properly organized workplace provides a far less stressful and more efficient location for working. Taking some time to rearrange your work area is not just about clearing your desk, but making it more productive. The following tips will help you to clear out your home office and transform it into a much more pleasant place to work.

Get Rid of the Things You Don’t Need

Many home offices start to look like they belong to a compulsive hoarder after a while. However, when you have to rifle through a whole lot of junk in order to find something you need, you are simply wasting time which could be better spent focussing on more constructive and important areas of your daily routine. If you have a particularly cluttered workplace, going through a mountain of papers, old mail and other items might seem like a bit daunting, but spending some time weeding out the junk and the other things you don’t need will definitely pay off. Determine what you need in your office and get rid of anything that is not necessary for your daily routine.

Organize Your Desk

If you haven’t got one already, it is a very good idea to have a desk which offers plenty of drawers or cupboards. Keep your desk organized by placing the most important and frequently-used items in the top drawer. Categorize the lower drawers to have one which holds, for example, correspondence and another which holds things like receipts and tax information. Get the clutter on the desk under control by using a single tray for papers and other items which you need to use in the next day or two. Get rid of any clutter which isn’t associated with work and put it elsewhere in your home.

Organize Cords and Wires

While wireless technology and mobility is all the rage these days, the number of cords and wires can still get overwhelming, particularly if you have things like surround sound speaker systems, printers, external hard disks and other peripherals connected to your computer. The average desktop computer still comes with a tangled mess of cables which have an annoying habit of getting in the way all the time. You can help to keep them organized by routing all cords through a cut-out hole in the back of your desk, connecting all power points to a surge protector (this is also safer), using wires to keep cables together and placing identification tags on the end of each cable.

Give Yourself a Change of Scene

Often the best way to organize your office, or at least get inspired to do so, is to simply start from scratch. A change of scene can work wonders when it comes to getting motivated and inspired, so it may be time to completely rearrange your home office or even move it to another location in your house. Choose a room which has plenty of natural light and enough space that you can comfortably move around while also being able to store everything that you need in the most convenient manner possible. You may also want to consider buying a new desk offering improved storage options, or changing the lighting in your office to give it a different atmosphere. Having a room with a view, if possible, is also ideal for any home office.

Make Getting Organized Part of Your Daily Routine

If organizing your office doesn’t become part of your daily routine, then it is not likely that it will stay organized for long. Keeping organized should become a habit. Even spending just a few minutes at the end of every working day arranging your office can help to keep it in great form in the longer term. Get into the habit of throwing away old documents and letters which are no longer required as soon as you are done with them. Spend a few minutes clearing your office so that you will be ready to get straight to work the next day without any unnecessary stress.

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