Seven Things to Stop Doing Now to be More Productive

By Randall Orser | Consulting

I’m sure you have begun to realize just how much you are standing in your own way of being successful. Do you want to be successful? Then you need to just get out of your own way. It won’t be easy; however, you need to if you want your startup to last more than a year. Here are seven things to stop doing now to be more productive.

Not Preparing Enough

Flying by the seat of your pants definitely doesn’t work when it comes to your business. Your business will flourish because of a skill set that includes skill, smarts, luck, and preparation. You’ll be in trouble if you try to skip out one of them. You can develop your skill and smarts, though luck is beyond your control. You won’t falter if you are prepared, so preparation is key.

Preparation is about being informed, having a plan for various actions (positive and negative). You’re much better to plan for the uncertain, not need them, than to need a plan and not have one.


There are many joyful things in running your business, however, don’t overlook the boring bits. You don’t want to leave those boring bits to last, or for another day, just to get to the fun. You’ll just have to do them anyway, and may have to rush to get them done. Get those things done as soon as possible, as Nike says, ‘Just Do It’.

Are You Ready?

Even if you’re not, don’t worry about it. You’re never really ready for a lot of stuff, such as parenting, school, or running a business. Your business is a test you’ve probably never had prior experience. You may have had a business before, however, each new business has a different set of circumstances. You’re much better to centre on what needs to get done, rather than how unready you may be.

Being a Perfectionist

Striving for perfection is all well and good; however, if you resolve only for perfection then that’s when it all goes bad. Remember there’s no such thing as perfect. You may have times where the stars align, and it just feels right, but something will go astray. Don’t wait for things to be completely faultless. Figure out what needs to get done, and get on with it with what you have. As Dan Kennedy (marketing guru) says, ‘Good is good enough’.

Thinking Things Will Work Out on Their Own

If you think you’re going to succeed by doing nothing most of the time, then think again. You need to work for your business, nothing will just jump into your hands. You are owed nothing, and there’s plenty of people out their hustling day and night to get ahead. A successful startup is achieved by those who put feet to pavement, and get things done.

Constantly Comparing Yourself to Others

Always be looking at your competition as you can get a good idea of how you compare to where you are and where you should be. You can take it too far by dwelling on victories you should have achieved; that’s just privilege. Your competition took a different path than yours, got there through hard work, and you must do the same. Focus ahead, not behind or to the side.

Superfluous Purchasing

Your business runs on money, and it the basis for you being able to do the things needed. Whatever you spend money on, it needs to be about improving the company. Buying things that aren’t necessary is a waste of money, and you’ve just lost focus on what’s important. Is buying that new swanky computer really worth it? If it doesn’t improve productivity, then don’t. You need to look at every purchase before signing off on it.

You need to have the wherewithal to run your business so it can be dependable and tough. Your business won’t last with wasteful purchases, or you take months to complete anything as it needs to be perfect. You can become a successful entrepreneur, you may just need to change yourself.


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