Stand Out from the Crowd

By Randall Orser | Consulting

Your small business must stand out from all the others for you to succeed; however, what if you’re new and no one knows you? Are you stuck in that Catch-22 scenario? You need credibility, but it’s hard to get those kudos until you get customers. What do you do when clients don’t even know you exist? The six tips below will get you noticed and customers will find you attractive, even being the new kid on the block.


Your hard work in your business isn’t the main characteristic, but it is important. How do you expect to succeed without a product or service that is excellent? You need to do everything you can to ensure your work is above the average and your efforts won’t go to waste. Yes, customers haven’t found you yet, but when they do, they’ll never forget you.

Go the Extra Mile

Is going that extra mile crucial to standing out? Take it from the customers’ point of view, and you’ll think differently. Wouldn’t you want to deal with the company that goes that extra mile and provides better value for the money? Going the extra mile, that your competitors aren’t, makes your clients feel that they’ve made the right decision to work with you.

Gain Exposure

You need to get your business noticed to attract customers. To get the attention you need use social media, advertising, websites, testimonials -- when you get happy customers, press releases, and media events. I can’t stress enough that you need to use first-rate marketing materials to allude that your business delivers high-quality merchandise or services. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who’s done the DIY business card with the fringe from being torn apart showing; no one is going to take you seriously.


Establish an iconic brand that people associate with your business to raise your profile and gain visibility. Know your offering, what makes you unique in your industry, and accentuate this in your story about how the business started.

Embrace Originality

You want to study your competitors, but don’t copy them. Take note of those areas that they excel in, but don’t copy them too closely. Copycats seldom come out on top because the established brand usually has the edge. Nonetheless, learn from others mistakes in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Work with Establish Brands

Are there any established, successful brands in your industry? Linking your business with them lets you gather prestige for your business. Piggyback on their creditability and people will associate the exceptional qualities connected to that reputable company to yours. You can do this by forming a joint venture, by which you help each other. You could write a guest blog post for that credible company’s website and include a short bio with a link to your business.

It takes time to get your business recognized, however, this process can be sped up by producing superb work and going that extra mile. Make your company as visible as possible and create an iconic brand. Be original too and connect with reputable businesses in your industry and you can’t help but stand out.


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