Are you behind in your bookkeeping,
and government remittances?

Has your paperwork nightmare got you confused?
Where do you start? What's next?

You got your business up and running and no one really prepared you for the numbers side of things. You got all those receipts together and not sure what to do with them or you’ve been using one of the so-called easy software and it’s just not working out. If crunching numbers and sorting receipts are not a good fit for you, it’s best to leave your monthly financials and year-end to the people who know debits from credits.

Now’s the time to just say "stuff it" to this bookkeeping thing and hand it over to a professional. And, that’s where Number Crunchers® Financial Services comes into play.

We developed this simple system based on clients', and others', feedback that they didn't want to be bothered sorting or trudging their receipts just for me to enter them; it really was a waste of their time. We call our system Just Say: "Stuff It" To Bookkeeping™. With this great service all you have to do is "stuff" a digital envelope (in this case Hubdoc) and we take care of the rest. The beauty of this is that your documents are securely stored and we both have access to them whenever we need them. Entering can be done a more regular basis. Plus, we're not chasing you constantly for bank statements, receipts, etc.

Have you been doing the DIY thing, 
and now feel overwhelmed?

Have you realized you just don't have
the time to do the books?

When the financial health of your business is accurately recorded, you have dependable figures at your fingertips to move your business forward. We invite you to compare the cost of your time to do your books against Number Crunchers® bookkeeping services doing them for you. As part of our core beliefs, we uncover your current financial situation so you can make your books work for you. 

As a small or home-based business person, you may be wondering if you can afford to hire a professional bookkeeper. If you’re spending hours, or any time, on bookkeeping, rather than talking with your customers, you could be losing sales. As I say, the first thing you should delegate in your business is the bookkeeping.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper:

  • More sales
    There is time to concentrate on current customers and acquire new customers.
  • Save time
    There is more time to focus on marketing, sales or new projects.
  • Manage cash flow
    With timely invoicing and aging reports, collecting receipts is faster and payables are under control.
  • Stay ahead of the government
    Know HST/GST/PST/WCB returns, and source deductions, are filed and paid on time.
  • Save money at year end
    At year end, the accountant has all the information needed to compile income taxes quickly.
  • Peace of mind
    Have less stress knowing paperwork is completed properly and up-to-date.

You’re great at what you do, so let us be great at what we do and take over that nasty chore of bookkeeping and keep you organized, and off the government’s radar

The Just Say: “Stuff It” To Bookkeeping™ starts at just 
$349 per month (plus GST/HST)

Taxes made simple, and less stress

You got all those slips and receipts together and not sure what to do with them or you’ve been trying to use one of the so-called easy softwares and it’s just not working out. Now's the time to just say "stuff it" to this tax thing and hand it over to a professional. And, that's where Number Crunchers® Financial Services comes into play. 

We’ve taken our highly successful Just Say: “Stuff It” To Bookkeeping program and applied it to our tax services: Just Say: “Stuff It” To Taxes

We have a great service that all you have to do is ‘stuff’ an envelope and we’ll take care of the rest. The envelope is picked up (usually on a Tuesday during tax season), dropped off at our office and prepared within a few of days. We’ll keep the receipts for you until the end of tax season and give them back to you all organized and in one of our ‘Tax Stuff’ envelopes.

With the Just Say: “Stuff It” To Taxes™ system you get:

  • Your receipts picked up
  • Your tax return prepared
  • Your notification of your refund or balance owing sent via email
  • Your return filed via Efile®
  • Your receipts returned in our Tax Stuff Envelope

You get all of this starting at
$137 for a single person
$227 for a couple.

Small business taxes start at $327 (we’re not doing the bookkeeping and you supply the figures); add $50 for your spouse (basic return).