Summers Coming! Self-employment Ideas you can do in the Sun

By Randall Orser | Consulting

The warm weather is almost here and maybe you are considering earning some extra cash over the summer.  If you are looking for a small business idea that does not require a year-round commitment here are some ideas:

Food Truck:  Once you have acquired a vehicle and got all your permits you can work whenever you want to.  Summer presents the greatest opportunities to provide tasty meals and snacks to people in various public venues such as concerts and shows, outdoor markets, sports events and college campuses.

Outdoor Adventures:  If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can offer guided hikes and arrange white water rafting and other water excursions for your clients.

Personal Training:  Offer your services as a weight-loss or fitness personal trainer to motivate people into a healthier lifestyle.  Teach outdoor yoga or tai chi classes, and when the weather gets colder you can take your business indoors.

Gardening and Lawn Care:  If you are a gardening enthusiast direct your talents into a business offering mowing, weeding, mulching and raking. You could switch into snow removal in the winter.

Tour Guide:  Take people on guided tours of places of interest or historical significance in your area.  People particularly love “haunted” locations!

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker:  This can be a year-round business as people are often looking for someone to be a sitter for their pets while they are on vacation or out of town.  Dog walkers are needed all year round.  This business idea has little or no start-up costs but clients who don’t know you may need references or a background check before you go into their home.

Pool Maintenance:  If you know about pool chemistry and don’t mind hard work, then a pool maintenance business for the summer months could be ideal for you.

Growing and Selling Fruit, Flowers, Plants or Vegetables:   Advertise on the roadside and sell out of your home or set up a roadside stand to offer your home grown produce. Alternatively, you can take a stall at one or more Farmer’s Markets in your area.

Garbage and Re-cycling Collection Service:   For a fee, pick up unwanted household items such as furniture and appliances, and either donate, sell or recycle them.  Many people would rather pay you to take their junk than have to dispose of it themselves.  As well as earning money you are doing your bit for the environment.

Short-term Retail:  Take a short-term lease on a small retail space and create a pop-up store renting or selling summer items such as bicycles.  Later in the year you could sell or rent Halloween costumes, and selling Christmas gift items and treats could be a big seasonal money-maker.

These ideas give you the opportunity to run a profitable business during peak seasons and to work as little or as often as you like.



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