Unusual Tips for Entrepreneurs

By Randall Orser | Small Business

If there's anything a successful entrepreneur should learn, it's that there's always something they don't know. Even experienced entrepreneurs may find that there are a few tricks that they haven't heard of, things that may improve the way the run things. Smart entrepreneurs look for ways to improve their efficiency daily. If you want to be successful, you'll want to cultivate that same habit.

1. Organize Your Data

As an entrepreneur, you'll need to keep an eye on a lot of details, from the amount of materials and stock you have to how the audience is reacting to your marketing campaign. Being detail-oriented will make sure that you don't miss any opportunities and that you react to any missteps before they get out of hand. That means that any data or information that you have should be organized and readily available.

This will also help you when the time inevitably comes to make sales pitches, either to potential customers or possibly investors. If they need any data, you'll have it ready for presentation. This could easily turn a maybe into a definite yes.

2. Research Answers

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you have, at your fingertips, a massive amount of information. Due to the ease at which this information is available it is almost criminally neglectful to not use it. If you have any questions, chances are that someone has already asked that question. Even if it does not fit your specific context, you may find the answer still relevant. Look at forums or see if Reddit has a subreddit for your question.

3. Write Things Down 

Entrepreneurs need to be detail oriented. The problem is that there's a lot to remember. Clients, employees, investors and more will ask and tell you about a great deal of things. You're probably going to remember most of it, but most will not cut it. You'll need to write things down, either in a notebook or on your phone, to make sure you forget nothing.

The things with you can do with the information you write down and organize are endless. You can use that information to spot trends, nip trouble in the bud before it sprouts, and even make suggestions to other entrepreneurs in terms of hiring or strategy. Knowledge is power, but only if you remember it.

4. Make Sure That Lines of Communication are Open

A big part of efficiency is communication. Everyone has to be one the same page. They need to know when other tasks are completed and they need full understanding of what needs to be done. As an entrepreneur, you can make sure the lines of communication are open simply by talking to people. Ask them what they think and check up on their tasks every once in a while. Keep everyone else updated, possibly through a mailing list or by simply making announcements. You shouldn't be the only one updating people, however. Make sure everyone knows that it's their responsibility to both stay informed and make sure that those around them are informed.

It's important to note that communication doesn't just involve making sure everyone knows how everyone else is going. It also means that employees, partners, and even clients should be aware that their opinions can and will be heard.

5. Be Nice

Politeness is free, so you should be as polite as you can to everyone you meet. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about treating people right. Treat customers right and they'll come back for more. Give your partners and investors the respect they deserve and they'll be more inclined to work harder on the start-up.

While the strength of your product is what is primarily going to determine the success of your start-up, it would be foolish to say that your attitude and relationships with other people has no effect on your future. It's probably possible to make it as a rude entrepreneur, but you'll probably find the journey a lot more difficult than if you took the time to be polite and kind.

While these tips will help, it's important to remember that there's a lot more to being a successful entrepreneur than unusual tips. There's having a good product, having a strong marketing campaign, and grit. The road might get bumpy, but if you apply these tips and stay in the fight, you'll likely find success.


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