Why a Joint Venture Could Save Your Small Business

By Randall Orser | Small Business

joint venture solution 10-14 TNIf you are a solo entrepreneur, creating a Joint Venture with other businesses can give your business access to needed resources and can help you to grow your business at a much faster rate than you can do alone. Joint Ventures allow each business involved in the project to maintain business integrity, while gaining the benefits of working within larger organisations.

Many internet entrepreneurs have created joint ventures with other entrepreneurs to expand access to customer databases and to generate mutually beneficial sales leads. While many entrepreneurs started a Joint Venture to combat the tiny marketing and advertising budget available, some of the millionaire entrepreneurs continue to use Joint Ventures even when a larger advertising budget becomes available. This means there are other benefits to working within a joint venture.

A joint venture may give you access to a wealth of ideas and a collaborative team spirit that can help you to take your own business to the next level. You can use the joint venture to gain credibility, data lists, and access to advertising. If you have a brilliant product idea, and are starting out your small business to sell your product, a joint venture with a respected company in the industry can help you to get your product out into the public sphere or into a new market.

Usually, a company will recommend your product, in return for a sales commission when you sell. This means you can enter a joint venture with no money upfront and no risk. Joint ventures can save you money as a solo entrepreneur and you may not need to borrow money from banks to advertise and market your product.

You need to make sure the joint venture is mutually beneficial, so negotiating a win-win situation with the company you are proposing to enter into a joint venture agreement is essential. Research is the most important first step in setting up a joint venture, as the right research will ensure you know the business you are planning to have as a partner. If you want to establish business credibility for your product, you need to be sure your business partner has the consumer credibility you want.

If you are entering a joint venture with a business offering a product or service, ensure the product is quality and suits your own company’s market list. A joint venture is reliant on trust. If you are recommending another company or product to your customers, you need to be sure that the company will deliver on the promises made; otherwise, your customers may leave you too.

When you are discussing a joint venture proposal with a prospective business, you need to clearly outline each partner’s responsibilities, roles, and the rules surrounding profit sharing within the joint venture.

Build a quality joint venture relationship based on trust, solid ethics, and mutual understanding. Your joint venture partnership may continue for many years, so put the effort into establishing and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your new business partner.

A joint venture could save your small business, especially in this economic climate. Mutually beneficial joint ventures can make a big difference to your cash flow, credibility with customers, and building a reputation for delivering quality products.

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