Why you Should Consider Cloud Computing for your Small Business

By Randall Orser | Cloud-computing

Cloud-based computing is perfect for small businesses because you can get access to all your company data from anywhere, anytime and it is not expensive.  Cloud-based computing helps you to compete with other businesses by giving you access to technologies previously not available to you. 

You have probably noticed that many software companies are no longer offering desktop applications but instead they now offer a monthly subscription-based service.  For a small monthly payment, you have access to many applications for invoicing, tracking expenses and more, so using Cloud-based computing can save you lots of money here’s how:

  1. All of the maintenance of the service or app is done by the cloud vendor, so you no longer need to pay for the installation and updating of software, and management of email servers.
  2. Cloud applications can be cheaper and are more convenient as you no longer have to install software programs on your servers or computers.
  3. Using a multi-application app will consolidate all your needs into one cloud computing service.  You can get email, schedule appointments, create documents, do video conferencing, share files within your company and with clients, and much more.
  4. As you are using the cloud vendor’s server to store your data you can free up space on your in-house computer system or even get rid of some of it.
  5. Cloud computing can make integration of other apps much easier and cheaper.
  6. Cloud computing apps are regularly updated so you don’t have to, and you have access to all the latest features without having to spend money to update your desktop edition.
  7. Cloud applications are browser based so you can access them from your mobile phone or tablet.  This enables you to issue invoices or track expenses at anytime from anywhere.

Is it time to change to cloud-based computing for your small business?



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